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Call for Change from Home

I’ve told you about this before, but here’s a twist: You can call from home.

Sign up here and, if you can’t get to or organize a party, you can just sit at your computer and make calls. The system is set up really nicely, maximal convenience for you, the volunteer, and you’re making a difference. A big difference; get out the vote calls WORK.

You’ve got six days to get us a new House and Senate. Several key races are tied. Tied. That blows my mind. And you’re calling into those key districts; I’ve been calling Ohio and Indiana.

The beauty of calling from home is you can squeeze in a few, then stop, then start, then stop. I can make fifteen calls while letting the soup boil, then turn it down, add more vegetables, and make ten more calls before it needs to be stirred.

Six days, people. Let’s make them count.