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Just tell me what you want

Sometimes it’s hard to organize my brain around writing for the blog. What to write, what to write…

But I never have problems on Sunday nights or Thursday nights, because those are the nights I prepare Monday Movie Reviews and Friday Catblogging. Although most days I write more than one post, it is a great relief to know at least one thing I will write. It just…it makes my brain happy.

So I’d like to add a new weekly feature, probably on Thursdays, and I’m talking suggestions. I have a few ideas of my own:

  • Thursday meditation
  • Thursday invocation (all of these will be preceded by the word “Thursday;” I think I’ll stop typing it)
  • Feminist Rant
  • Cool Quotation
  • Link round-up

Please let me know if you like any (or several) of these, or if you have suggestions of your own.

Friday Catblogging: Limp

Instead of photos, today I ask for your good wishes. Mingo developed a limp a week ago Wednesday. He was fine in the morning, in the evening he was limping. I called the vet Thursday, and she said give it until Monday, it was probably just a pulled muscle.

By Saturday he’d lost a lot of weight, but the weight stabilized (he hasn’t kept losing). The fur and eyes are healthy. By Monday he was better but not perfect, and I figured, phew, out of the woods, that limp is almost gone. But it stayed almost gone and Wednesday night (a full week) I noticed he was hunching his back in a funny way, and I realized he was doing it to lift his weight off his legs. He walks steadier but with the hunch. And then he got needy, in that under the weather may I sit in your lap way that cats have.

So, Thursday I called the vet and we have an appointment for tomorrow afternoon. Please keep Mighty Mighty Mingo in your thoughts. I’ll let you know how it all turns out.