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Blogging will be light…

between now and election day. I’m on the phone.

Tell you what, if you’re considering volunteering, just try one call and see how easy and convenient it is. So easy. And it makes a difference. This is too important and you know it.

What you want is what I want is

So, while we’re voting, consider this: Weekly movie trivia quizzes or James Bond trivia quizzes or mixed-use trivia quizzes.

Just a thought.

Mighty Mighty update

Mingo is fine. Late last night he jumped up onto his favorite landing, and I thought, Huh, he looks fine. Early this morning he got into my lap and I was able to touch and rub both legs. No flinching, no reaction at all except purring, and his eyes are clear and focused. So I called the vet and cancelled, and said if she felt that Mingo should be seen anyway, she should call and I’d come, but she didn’t so I didn’t.