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Let the tension drain out of your shoulders

A lot of us feel like Tom Tomorrow:

It’s as if the biopsy results just came back and you don’t have cancer after all. You’re not giddy, exactly, but you can finally take a deep breath and maybe let some of the tension drain out of your shoulders. The future remains uncertain but you can begin to imagine it as something other than relentlessly bleak.

This feeling of relief also came up in comments at Tom’s place, and I said:

I realized this morning, I brace myself every day for what I’m going to be angry about. And today I didn’t have to.

You know, it feels good. And it’s not that I think that rose petals are now going to be coming out of Harry Reid’s ass. Back to Tom Tomorrow:

As a general rule, I don’t have much faith in Democrats, having not fallen off the turnip truck within recent memory

Not so much. But I feel I can make a difference now. Because I’ve been calling Senators Clinton and Schumer, and my representative here in NY 17, Eliot Engel. But sometimes I haven’t been, because what can they do, really? Whatever heinous compromises they made, have been the compromises of people who are fundamentally powerless in a Republican-rigged system. The majority party has been steadily stripping the rights of the minority party, until our Democratic representatives could do little more than speech-giving and fundraising.

Now they can do more. Now I can, when they behave like assholes, make phone calls and feel that someone might listen. And oh, my, does that ever feel good.

Decision about the blog

1. Sundays will be meditation day.
2. Tuesdays will be film trivia day. All film trivia posted on this site will have some Bond-related component. Somehow. But will be accessible to the non-Bondians among you. But shame on you!
3. I will keep in mind that y’all like feminist rants. After giving it some thought, I realized I couldn’t promise to get all ranty on schedule. I need to be open-ended with it.

Thanks for your input.

Friday Catblogging: All Better

Some pictures of my able-bodied Mingo.

Now that he doesn’t need it, he likes it.
Carrier Cat
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