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Sunday Meditation: Grounding and Centering

This is the first of my weekly Sunday meditations. Since all meditation should begin with grounding and centering, let’s do that.

Sit, stand, or lie down. Breathe comfortably.
Find your center. Find the part of your body that feels like the place where you reside. Breathe in and out from your center.
Allow all your thoughts, feelings, ideas, and energies to come home to your center. You’re not out there, worrying about tomorrow. You’re centered. You’re not thinking about yesterday. You’re centered. Let all the little distractions come home and be at peace.
Notice all your energy gathered in your center like a glowing ball.
(If you’re standing) Take a tendril of that energy, and send it down through your legs, your feet, out the soles of your feet…
(If you’re seated or lying down) Take a tendril of that energy, and send it down through your spine, out the base of your spine…
into the Earth.
Feel yourself rooted in the Earth.
Feel yourself supported by the Earth.
Feel the energy of your body mingling with the firm, strong, nurturing energy of the Earth.

You can spend a long time in meditation just doing a grounding and centering exercise like this one, or it can be a quick thirty-second prelude to whatever you do next. Grounding and centering is a basic mind skill, and everyone who meditates or does ritual should be able to do it quickly and easily.

Try it when you’re upset, when you’re distracted or unfocused at work or school, or when you feel disconnected or disoriented.