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Universal Exports Interview

The good people at Universal Exports: The Home of James Bond, interview me about Bond and my book.

The left blogosphere has its feet up

I’ve noticed many of my favorite blogs are posting less than usual. I suspect we are just taking a post-election breather. Wake up, look around, yes, Democrats still won both houses, no, not a dream. Go to bed. Wake up, yes…

Anyway, I wanted to remark on the issue of feminist rants. My review yesterday of Something’s Gotta Give was much on my mind when I decided not to make feminist rants a weekly feature. Not that I’d written it yet, but I was sort of formulating it.

And while formulating, I realized that feminism is something that happens for me in looking at the world. In looking at movies and politics and religion and family life. So to confine the idea of “ranting” to its own category isn’t true for me. It’s there in the movie reviews, there in the politics, there everywhere.

And of course I will continue to share it with you.

Tuesday Trivia Time

Okay, here’s the inaugural quiz. The plan is to do this every Tuesday.

Name the movie based on the quote, trivia, or vignette. There’s a James Bond connection hiding among the clues. Answers will be posted on…how much time would you like? Is Friday good? Is Thursday better? Let me know.

1. An officer pisses in his own pants, and then blows his brains out.
solved by Daven.

2. The name of the main character of this gangster film is never revealed. When he calls another character’s girlfriend to make a date with her, he just says “It’s me.” Gossip columnists had the actors playing the main character and the girlfriend linked romantically.
solved by Tom.

3. “Never put this bat in the closet.”
solved by Amy.

4. The vindictive children of her employer break a painted tile that she loves.
solved by Tom

5. “It’s not slutty, it’s fun.”
solved by Amy.

6. A sax player, a waitress, and a magic rock.
HINT: The sax player is an Oscar nominee. The waitress is an Oscar winner. The magic rock was making its film debut.

7. A film makeup artist takes pictures of his girlfriend with gory makeup on. When someone else gets the pictures at the developer, he is looked at with suspicion.
Solved by George and Chas in rapid succession.