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Sunday Meditation: Learned Empowerment

Building on my earlier post on learned helplessness, I thought a meditation on breaking free from learned helplessness would be meaningful.

Ground and center.

Ask yourself, When do I feel helpless?
Visualize a situation in which you feel helpless.
Perhaps there is a pattern. Perhaps this is a situation in which you always feel helpless. Or perhaps it is one instance that sticks in your craw. Perhaps you recall thinking, Why didn’t I act? Why did I freeze? Why did I take it?
Know that you have power.
Know that helplessness is not a natural part of you.
Breathe in power.
Breathe in ability. Say to yourself, I am able. I am strong.
Visualize the situation again, and visualize yourself acting.
Where you once stood still, visualize yourself walking away.
Where you you once kept silent, visualize finding your voice.
Breathe in power, and as you exhale, breathe that power into the situation.
Fill the situation with power, and see yourself behaving with that power.
See yourself glowing with power.
Notice how good it feels.
Notice how much strength is in your muscles.
Notice how free your vocal cords are.
Notice the swing in your step.
Allow yourself to smile.
Power feels good.
Visualize the situation again, with yourself acting appropriately and powerfully, and tell yourself that you will never again be helpless in that situation.
So be it.