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A sad, sad day for film fans.

Robert Altman has died.

I guess this is one I should have expected, but the complexity and energy of the man never seemed to wane. Prolific and varied, he nonetheless had a distinctive signature style, easily satirized (as Meryl Streep and Lily Tomlin did so charmingly at last year’s Oscars). I think A Prairie Home Companion was one of the movies of 2006.

The credits are impressive. Among the very greats, we must mention Nashville, The Player, and M*A*S*H. But even his less perfect movies have their rewards, as I’ve written before.

This is just one of those days when I feel like I’ve really lost something. Like there’s a real hole in the world.

Be born again among us, Mr. Altman.

Tuesday Trivia Time

Name the movie based upon the quote or vignette. Answers will be posted Thursday.

1. “I really do like ice.”
HINT: This Academy Award winner played a character who hadn’t had ice in quite a while.

2. A heart attack during dress rehearsal of a television comedy special.
Solved by Roberta

3. “Sounds like a French nail varnish.”
Solved by Amy

4. A racist insult shouted to a girl on a high-dive board.
Solved by Paula

5. The prisoner’s visit with his mother takes place entirely with her in the back of a truck.
Solved and fixed by Ken

6. A man sneaks into his boss’s office to find his employee file, which contains only pictures, numbers, and symbols.
HINT: This movie, based on a famous novel, has spoken rather than written credits.

7. While talking with an old friend from San Francisco, she separates eggs in the palm of her hand.
Solved by Roberta