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Full Radio Update

Lots of additions for James Bond related interviews: Upcoming media appearances (these are all for James Bond):

Bits and pieces from home

Mingo killed the shit out of a toy mouse this morning. Seriously, that jingle bell will jingle no more. His victory march was most extraordinarily prideful.

I discovered why I always need to buy socks. When I made the bed this morning, tucked into the blanket was every pair of socks I’ve worn to bed since the last time I made the bed. Verily, a cascade of socks.

Tuesday Trivia Time

For each quote or vignette, there’s a movie.

1. “I feel Italian and musical.”
BIG HINT: Spoken by Sean Connery.

2. A man in a mask cooks with a frilly apron on.
Solved by Jason.
3. A punk rocker from the Bronx affects a British accent and idolizes The Who.
Solved by George.
4. The electrolysist falls in love with the dwarf.
BIG HINT: The dwarf is Peter Dinklage. The electrolysist is helping the main character with a hair problem.
Solved by Ben Gruagach.
5. “You can’t go home again. But you can shop there.”
Solved by Tom.
6. “I’m wearing a cardboard belt!”
Solved by Ken.
7. The escaped convict is identified by his brand of hair grease.
Solved by Ben Gruagach.