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Sunday Meditation: Happy New Year

Undoubtedly, you’re expecting your New Year’s Eve meditation to have a New Year theme. But I’m just not going there. I don’t know what happened this year and what happened last year. Ask me what I did in ’06 and I might well tell you something I did in ’04. The past is a blurry place, and I have no idea why it’s important to know a number. It’s just a number.

Here’s what I’ve been meditating on today (follow along at home):

In Wicca, on the darkest night of the year, we do a ritual about light.

On the brightest day of the year, we do a ritual about darkness.

Everything contains its opposite.

The dot in the yin yang is the sun on Winter Solstice, light in darkness.

Perhaps the light is in darkness because we need hope. Perhaps the darkness is in light because that’s when we can best face it.

Today, meditate on opposites, on light in the darkness, darkness in the light, and your own personal yin-yang.

Have you missed me?

I forgot to post anything about being maybe less available this week. My lovely and amazing fifteen year-old goddaughter Sylvia is visiting from Florida. We’ve been having such a great time.

Wednesday we went to Rockefeller Plaza, saw the tree, the skating rink, and went up to the observation deck. Thursday we visited the Palisades Center Mall. Which isn’t special to Arthur or I, seeing as we live here, but for a teen from Florida, the second-largest mall in the U.S. is definitely an attraction. We shopped together a little and then I let them off to be teens on their own.

Friday was goof-off day. We stayed home, and I did Sylvia’s makeup and taught her some girlie arcana. Then Arthur wanted to play so I did him up “emo.” Then we drove around Pearl River looking at audacious holiday light displays.

Today it was Woodstock, where we shopped, visited an art gallery, looked at waterfalls, and hung out with the hippies. Big fun. Tomorrow morning EARLY I take Syl to the airport.

Regular blogging will probably not resume until after the New Year.

Tuesday Trivia: Solutions for 12/26

Good job, everyone! This week, every movie was figured out, with only one hint.

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What Brat Pack Character Are You?

Take the Which Character Am I? Quiz

Fun With Language: Capitalization fun

“Could you bring up the Joy? I want to wash my drum.”

Okay, this is an hysterical sentence. It is made funnier if you hear it, because then you hear “joy” instead of “Joy.” Adding to the fun, the second sentence was what I said by way of explanation when Arthur laughed at the first sentence. Just made it weirder.

Tuesday Trivia Time: 12/26

Today we feature Terse Trivia. Each brief description or quotation leads to a movie.

1. A white dog named Bullseye.
Solved by The Minstrel Boy.

2. Two characters in this movie played side-by-side as doctor and nurse in a Kubrick film.
HINT: A colorful Connery film.

3. A Senator’s painting of a llama indicates corruption.
Solved by Dawa Lhamo.

4. A redhead named Juanita is the school slut.
Solved by Tom.

5. “Mozarrella! Gorgonzola! Volare!”
Solved by Tom.

6. A New England intellectual is told he’s too indecisive to be President. (This is fiction.)
Solved by Melville.

7. Mom says “chapeau” instead of “chateau.”
Solved by Danny Hostetter.

The Mystery Revealed

The Answer to the Magical Mystery Meme is…


Everything about #4 is true except Ben Vereen. My ex’s uncle was a dancer on Broadway and elsewhere; an ensemble player you’ve never heard of. He did a couple of movies, including getting beat up by Gene Hackman in The French Connection. The Billy Dee and Pat Hingle stuff is true.

Happy Holidays to All


May your Yuletide be joyful.



Monday Movie Review: Runaway Bride

Runaway Bride (1999) 4/10
Out of ideas, columnist Ike Graham (Richard Gere) uses a story he hears from a drunk in a bar—about a woman who repeatedly leaves men at the altar—as the basis for his USA Today column. The woman, Maggie Carpenter (Julia Roberts), humiliated upon reading about herself, writes a scathing letter to the editor which gets Ike fired. Seeking “vindication,” Ike comes to Maggie’s small town to write about her.

Runaway Bride is a vile movie, and watching it is some kind of Christmas punishment for goofing off in front of the TV and watching whatever crap TNT throws at me. Ike Graham is a nasty, misogynist guy. In the opening scene it’s established that, since a deadline is looming, everyone expects him to write yet another column condemning women as evil bitches who are out to get him. The story he hears about Maggie fits the agenda he already had.

This is ugly stuff, and I wondered how the film would handle it. There’s the faintest whiff of feminist sensibility in the opening, as women will have none of his bullshit, and his only friends appear to be his ex-wife (Rita Wilson) and her husband (Hector Elizondo). It’s pretty harsh if your only friend is your ex-wife; it kind of says “I can befriend you only if I first get away from you.” So to open with “you are hateful to women” and then have him get called on it, it seemed like maybe they were going to deal with, y’know, hating women, and maybe that was why I kept watching.

Except they don’t deal with it. » Read more..

Sunday Meditation: Light

The light has returned.

Visualize the darkness in your life.

Visualize the nighttime, the sleep, the hibernation; everything that is waiting. Now shine light on it. Wake it up.

Visualize the shadowy, the hidden, the mysterious. Now shine light on it. Know it. Understand it.

Visualize the angry, and let the light bring it peace. Visualize the sorrowful, and let light bring it acceptance.

The wheel has turned, and light has returned.