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Holy Moley

Rumsfeld resigns.

I just watched some of the press conference. David Gregory asked if the election was a referendum on the war. Bush said, yes, the war, but other things as well. He said people want their representatives to be “honest and ethical.”

Whoa Nelly. Isn’t that like, admitting the Republican Congress was dishonest and unethical?

Why, yes, I think it was.

What they say on the phone

I spoke, as you know, to a lot of voters. Over fifty calls yesterday alone, of which fifteen or so resulted in conversations. (I left about 20 phone messages.) Over two hundred calls total, so make that about fifty conversations.

The number one issue people mentioned to me was corruption, followed by healthcare. If I mentioned the war to such people, they said “That too” but it wasn’t first on their minds. What was first on their minds was “Get the bums OUT.”

People have changed parties. Uninformed people who didn’t know their candidates’ names were committed to a straight Democratic ticket, especially former Republicans. I still think it was worthwhile to repeat the name a couple of times.

It was hard to feel I was getting out the vote, because almost everyone I spoke with was pretty firm, one way or another. They’d already voted, or were about to go out and vote. No one needed polling place information when I offered it. I didn’t take that as a sign that I was useless, I took it as a sign that voters were unusually interested, and that’s a good thing. I honestly feel I’d work to get out the vote even if I wasn’t working for Dems. (I mean, I wouldn’t work for Repugs, but I’d be happy to do party-neutral calling. It’s the patriotic thing to do.)

Nonetheless, most of the calls I made yesterday were in Virginia, so if we take the Senate, you know who to thank. 😉

Blog changes and polling

Right now, the voting on the blog is:
5 for Feminist Rant
3 for Trivia Quiz
2 for Meditation
1 for Link Roundup.

Now I’m thinking that feminist rant will be the hardest to come up with, but it looks like that’s the direction I’ll go in. I also might add two new features from the above. So keep voting.

I am currently creating a Favorite Posts section. If anyone wants to help me modify my WordPress template so that I can somehow automate it (rather than manually adding each link to the template) or make it easier, I would totally love you. Also, you can vote for favorite posts if you happen to remember them.

Pop the champagne cork!

Democratic control of the House (33 seats ahead, 14 races undecided).

Draconian anti-choice bill defeated in South Dakota.

Senate tied at 49/49, so if you’ve been lighting candles, don’t blow them out yet. We need both Montana and Virginia to gain the majority.

Update: Senate at 50/49. Dems won Montana. We still need Virginia for a majority.