Reviews for Tarot Interactions

‘Tarot Interactions’, as a book, is beautifully crafted and a great deal of thought has clearly gone into its construction. The accompanying illustrations are excellent, the narrative is deeply engaging and the exercises are first class; but what really adds both color and depth of quality to this superb publication is its sheer ability to draw levels of sophistication from the Tarot that are, at times, simply awe-inspiring.

Spirituality Today

This was a great workbook for readers. Lipp’s writing is smooth and easy going and it’s written almost like the reader is in the room with her. There are many exercises that make reading this book in a group setting very easy to do.

Inner Compass

I have so enjoyed having this book to review and would highly recommend it to anyone and everyone interested in the tarot.

TABI Tarot

Tarot Interactions does not follow the conventional tarot book mold. In fact, it breaks it, and quite spectacularly. When it comes to tarot books I am very difficult to impress. I’ve been reading and studying tarot since 1976 and have basically read them all. Yet I always go back to Eden Gray, and another wonderful classic no one should be without, Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom, by Rachel Pollack (Weiser Books). I have been recommending these two books to my students for nearly 20 years. Now I can finally add a third, Tarot Interactions.

The Magickal-Musings of Nefer Khepri, PhD