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I’m back! I’m back! I’m back!

:::happy dance:::

I hope that Monday Movie Reviews and other posting will resume apace. YAY!

Okay, here’s what happened

The blog, she died. The server, she died.

So I actually wrote a Monday Movie Review, and posted it, but when the server was restored from backup, the review went back to the version I saved as a draft, not the version I published.

I never noticed.

Seriously. Went about my business, tra la la, it’s Monday, I wrote my review tra la. And then it’s Tuesday, here comes a game. And now it’s Wednesday, and I look in my Drafts folder to see if I have anything juicy to post, and I see the movie review. Took me a couple of minutes to figure that out, I’ll tell you what.

So you get your Monday Movie Review on Wednesday. Consider it two days of youth restored.

Belated Blogiversary to me!

It was October 14. I forgot.

Kind of like my life lately. Or this blog. A whirlwind of activity in which I nonetheless drop important things. Usually this blog.

Still and all, Property of a Lady is three years old and is starting to speak in full sentences.

HELP! Blogging techies I NEED YOU!

All my categories have disappeared. Today. And they’re gone not just from Property of a Lady, but from the Ultimate James Bond Fan Blog as well. They are not gone from Basket of Kisses, nor from other WordPress blogs I quickly perused around the ‘net to see if it’s a global problem.



I have been rescued. Yay.

I’m all blogged up

First thing this morning, I had to deal with a very large post on my Mad Men blog, because we got 16 Emmy nominations! Whoo! Hoooooo!

And now I’m going to do some actual paid-type work.

When I get home tonight, I’m going to try reinstalling photo software so you can get catblogging tomorrow. It’s been very frustrating.

Going away!

Wow, I didn’t post all weekend. I suck.

I’ve been busily preparing for Free Spirit Gathering, during which I will be teaching or facilitating four different workshops. None of which will be on Thursday, because on Thursday I’m leaving the festival to take Arthur to his college orientation!

I will be gone from tomorrow morning until Sunday night, and I will not be bringing my laptop. No! Computers!

Also, Arthur will be “collecting” his 18th birthday present at Free Spirit, which is his first tattoo. I’m…not like other mothers.

Anyway, Tom will be minding the store and hosting the trivia, and that always works out.

Yesterday’s search terms

I just installed a new blog stats WordPress plug-in (the old one was slowing page load to an agonizing pace, so I uninstalled it, and I’ve been flying blind for a couple of months).

This one shows you daily search terms used to find your site. For yesterday, they were:

nathan fillion
dermot mulrooney worth
after he’d murdered shelley winters
handprint tattoo
birthday present trivia
clarice starling fbi training
what did ennis mean at the end of brokeb
controversies of body art


I’m just not upgrading WordPress

Seriously, if you want to come to my house and upgrade it for me, I’ll let you. I fucking give up.

another wipeout

I wiped out my own blog. My entire blog. Trying to upgrade WordPress. Nice Joe restored me as of last night. I restored “Not entertaining it” from the cross-post at If I Ran the Zoo, but I didn’t cross-post the thing about California gay marriage, nor can I find it cached. Ah, well.

Sorry about your comments.

Big Thanks to Cathy

My step-sister Cathy taught me how to search Google Cache. And I’ve restored 3 of the missing posts. The cat-blogging isn’t there and of course my saved-for-the-future posts are gone, but I feel so much better!