Bond Collector’s Weekend #9

I am so excited to be going to this event. I had a good time last year. In fact, I had a great time, despite sore feet from all the walking.

This year, the “weekend” (Friday through Monday) will be a Carnival Fascination cruise. Saturday will be the Death March through Nassau (and in August, I imagine it will be genuinely deathly). The rest of the time will be shipboard. My only disappointment is that some of the wonderful friends I made last year won’t be able to attend this year.

I am so thrilled. Arthur is joining me. The ship has a spa, pools, nightclubs, dining, lots of amenities, and an entire teen program with a lounge, video games, and (best of all) other teens to hang with. I’ve always wanted to try a cruise, and I loves me some spa time.

I have an evening gown, new shoes, new Death March shorts, and my costume is just about together. Can’t. Frickin. Wait.


  1. Tom Hilton says:

    What’s the costume this year?

  2. deblipp says:

    I have a friend who is a costume designer. If I decide to go for it (which I probably will) I will have a gold Pussy Galore halter top custom-made. Otherwise I will wear a black suit and carry a cigar box and be Cigar Girl from the opening of TWINE.

  3. Karen Dougherty says:

    Sounds like fun. I’m going to a Harry Potter convention in Las Vegas in July. Luxury hotel, spa, pool with waterfall, Irish pub, dining, and trips to the Strip. I’ll even be on a panel. along with a friend of mine. July’s too far away.

  4. deblipp says:

    Las Vegas in July sounds every bit as stupid as Nassau in August! Man, are we going to be hot!

  5. Barbs says:

    If you have time go to the pirate museum

  6. Roberta says:

    WTG, on this and also all of Arthur’s happenings. He’s out of control amazing.

    Oh and OH YEAH Happy happy birthday!!

    (Yeah so I sent you this cute eCard and realized that I never received confirmation so it’s a big unknown. This you’ll get.)

  7. deblipp says:

    Never received an ecard from you. Received one from Emilio…so maybe you entered the wrong address? Cuz receiving is working. Anyway, thanks.

  8. Roberta says:

    Nah I think the site I got it from must be novice and suckful.

    So sorry. Man it was sweet.

    Sushi and sake sounds perfect. So does feeling lonely and trying to play the world, secretly, to arrange your exultation.

    never fucking works. But a perfect plan, just the same. To self-fulfill the lonely.

    not that I would know :- )

  9. deblipp says:

    Well, the sushi chef gave me a free piece of unagi when I told him it was my birthday, and that definitely worked.