Adventures in Customer Service Follow-up

So, the Avenue wrote to me, very promptly, and showed me their “wide calf” boots on their website. They are 15″ in circumference. By contrast, Torrid’s are 18-20 inches. I bought at Torrid. Today I discovered Evans. They offer extra wide and extra wide-calf boots, but they don’t give specific measurements.

Meanwhile, I haven’t been watching many movies. I was away. But my next movie after the Prince of the City fiasco was fine. The next movie after that, however, was cracked down the middle. They really seem to be sabotaging their DVD collection.


  1. Fat Chic says:

    Interesting – I bought two pairs of calf boots from Avenue last year, for 19 inch calves. I adore them. I haven’t had as much luck with Torrid sizing, but perhaps now they’re doing the extended sizes.

  2. Deborah Lipp says:

    I’ve had the exact opposite experience. I own a total of 3 pairs of boots purchased at Torrid. You have to watch the quality, but the sizing works for me. I’ve never had any success at Avenue.