Katrina Grief

Today is the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and it is Katrina Blogswarm day as well. Here’s my contribution.

Political writers better-informed than I can talk about the horrendous incompetent evil political shit of Katrina. New Orleanians can talk about the devastation from ground-level. I think and write best when I make it personal, and what is personal to me about Katrina is grief and the absence of grief.

Where is the grief? I have asked before when we, as a culture, became so gorram harsh. As a companion to that, when did we become so numb? We aren’t we hurting?

I can point especially to the far right; the Limbaughs and O’Reillys and their evil minions who are okay with torture and okay with the death of children and okay with the drowning of a city. But has it infected the rest of us? Because what I don’t see is just the sadness, just the sense of loss. From that would arise outrage; from that would arise the will to change.

We have seen the destruction of an American city, and we have grieved for a couple of weeks, and then we’ve gone back to Project Runway. I grieve for New Orleans, and I grieve for us, who are so numb, as well.


  1. Roberta says:

    I think Jeff on Project Runway is pretty mean.

  2. Dan says:

    The problem is that the drunken frat boy in chief has squandered all your tax dollars on war and so called security and the money just aint there for New Orleans or anythying else.

  3. I’m from Asia but when I saw the destructive turn-out of hurricane Katrina it really saddens me. The sense of grief may only come to some people if they’re the ones affected with. Politics is always been politics.