More fear-mongering

Today Skeletor Michael Chertoff announced he has a “gut feeling” that we’re going to be hit by terrorists this summer. There’s no specific evidence, he just feels it.

It is obvious to me that this is just another “nexusmoment; a shiny scary object to distract us from the news of the day. Which today includes “testimony” by a former White House aide who will refuse to answer actual questions, at the President’s orders, as well as the news of yesterday’s testimony by former Surgeon General Richard Carmona about how the Surgeon General’s office has been politicized and functionally destroyed.

These items, as well as the increasing bad news from Iraq and the dissent within Bush’s own party about it, are the real “gut” indicators towards terror. Except that this is such old news, such a repeated cry of Wolf, that hardly anyone is even bothering to point it out.


  1. And then if an attack DID occur, they can say “we told you so” because the media never called them out the previous 752 times they said “boo!” Bastards.

  2. Amy says:

    Weird. I would have guessed that the Crypt Keeper had no gut to speak of.