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I have found God

By “God,” I mean the old-fashioned God of the Torah and the Christian Bible, the God of my childhood. And by “found” I mean, I know who he is. Which, even if I don’t believe in Him, is still pretty cool.

If you think about the God of your childhood, most of you will agree that he is unquestionably male, but in a non-threatening way. Masculine but not…butch. Probably celibate, even.

In appearance, I think dignified gray hair is a must, and He is certainly tall, with excellent posture. His voice is deep and mellifluous, authoritative and yet comforting.

The attitude, though, is all-important. God is smart, of course, but more importantly, God is kind. He sure and commanding. He loves all of those in his care equally, loving us when we succeed and when we fail. Even when we squabble among one another, even when we are disrespectful to Him, He loves us.

Like a good parent, God doesn’t take sides, is proud of and respectful towards His children, gives us the room to make our own mistakes, but attempts to correct us before we go too far.

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Expect the unexpected

This morning, I opened the top of the Mr. Coffee to put a clean filter in…

and Delirium was inside.

My first reaction, before I realized what it was, was AGH!

My second reaction was to eliminate the cats as suspects.

Apparently I live with a Merry Prankster. It is so unlike Arthur to play little tricks in the house that I’d almost suspect my friend Dave of stopping by to do it, but Dave would never have read my blog or Facebook.

Macarthur Park

The radio on the way home tonight was doing hit songs of 1968. I don’t think I’ve ever heard Macarthur Park before.


I mean, cake? In the rain? I can’t take it? WHAT?

Perhaps not so much fun with language

Some people take it kinda seriously.

Obama versus Vader

I kid you not. These action figures are Teh Awesome. (h/t House Next Door)


Happy New Year

I can’t say it better than Tom Tomorrow.

happy new year

I’ve been trying

I am lame at embedding video in my stupidhead blog. So just go look.

I’m going to quote House

…or paraphrase, anyway:

That feeling of awkwardness is nature’s way of telling us we shouldn’t talk about it.

Cracks my shit up. Totally wrong-headed, but totally perfect.

Tattoo Review

I found out that an old friend—an ex-boyfriend, in fact—is featured in the current issue of Tattoo Review. So I went to Barnes and Noble to buy it. B&N carries…

Tattoo, Tattoo Flash, Tattoo Savage, Tattoo Energy, International Tattoo Art, Skin Art, Skin & Ink, and Inked.

Not Tattoo Review.

So I went to Borders, where I was told it would be, and found

Tattoo, Tattoo Flash, Tattoo Savage, Tattoo Energy, International Tattoo Art, Skin Art, Skin & Ink, Inked and Tattoos for Women.

Not Tattoo Review.

I hope he looked good and all.

Things My Sister Says To Me

I tell her a funny story about Arthur and me cracking each other up doing stupid shit. She says:

“It’s nice you’ve trained someone to not hate your sense of humor.”